Noxious Weeds Notice




As provided in State Statutes 66.0407, as required by law, notice is hereby given to each and every person who owns, occupies, or controls land in the Town of Theresa, County of Dodge, State of Wisconsin to destroy all noxious weeds on such property before the seed plants bloom, bear seed or spread to adjoining property.

“Destroy” means the complete killing of weeds or the killing of weed plants above the surface of the ground by the use of chemicals, cutting, tillage, cropping system, pasturing of livestock or any or all of these in effective combination, at a time and in a manner as will effectively prevent the weed plants from maturing to the bloom or flower stage.

Noxious weeds include, but are not limited to Canada Thistle, bull thistle, must thistle, plumless thistle, shatter cane, hill mustard, leafy spurge, field bindweed (creeping jenny), garlic mustard, any weed designated as a noxious weed by the Department of Natural Resources by rule and any other weed the governing body of any municipality of the county board of any county by ordinance or resolution declares to be noxious within its respective boundaries..

Dated May 15, 2017 Diane Steger, Clerk


Spring Election Results

State School Superintendent:   Tony Evers        116

Lowell Holtz      94

Supreme Court Justice:              Annette Ziegler     189

Court of Appeals:                         Michael Fitzpatrick     186

Circuit Court Branch 2:              Martin DeVries            117

Randall Doyle              88

Theresa Town Chairman:           Paul Christian           189

Theresa Supervisor 1:                  Dale Dyer                   150

Perry Billings            60

Theresa Supervisor 2:                 Lloyd Hilgendorf     204

Theresa Clerk:                              Diane Steger               213

Theresa Treasurer:                      Diane Koch                 206

Lomira School Zone 2:               Edward Feucht            75

Lomira School Zone 4:                Steve Luedtke            77

Lomira School Zone 6:                Lee Bleuel                   76

Mayville School Zone 2:              Dick Fink                   119

Mayville School Zone 4:              Dave Ognenoff           67

Terri Wilkens             65

Joe Hohmann              58

Mayville School Referendum:                   Yes          68

No           68