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The Town of Theresa Ordinances are provided here for your convenience.  It is a PDF file. Should you have any questions, contact the Town Clerk.

Town of Theresa 2030 Comprehensive Plan
The Town's proposed Comprehensive Plan is on the Budget page.  (Disregard the dates - start at the top and work your way down the list.)

All maps are now available for viewing.  This PDF file is quite large - 10.2 MB.  The Existing Land Use Map, Future Land Use Map, and Existing Zoning Map are also available in separate files at the bottom of the list.

Appendix IV consists of six 11"x17" Dodge County Soil Survey Maps.  Each map shows the types of soils in several sections of the Town of Theresa.  Appendix III contains abbreviations for the prime soils shown on these maps.